Industrial Stair Treads


Industrial stair treads are aluminium treads, an ideal solution that comes in a range of patterns to suit specific applications.

In choosing an industrial stair tread, there are a lot more factors to consider than just cost! Safety is first and foremost, along with, ease of installing and handling, traction/grip when in use, washing of products and of course the environment.

Here at Metalli, we believe that our industrial stair treads are a hybrid product that satisfies in all these areas.

The Metalli Advantage

Guaranteed Safety

Safety is the first and foremost requirement. The perforated grips influence the safety due to the reliability of the grip. The ‘Grip-O-Meter’ diagram explains this. These industrial stair treads come standard with the industry approve yellow nosing, further more increasing the safety of this product.

Easy Installation

Industrial stair treads are manufactured by Metalli, so we can make the treads to suit your application and installation process. Bolt on or weld on options are available to secure these. No call for any trimming, cutting or grinding on site with this product, so they’re there is no need to trim, cut or grind this product.

Reliable Traction

Traction depends on the unique perforated pattern on the surface of the industrial stead treads. With the Metalli range of industrial stair treads, whatever pattern is chosen, you will have a reliable grip and high assurance of safety. To dive deeper into the traction rating, refer to the Grip-O-Meter below.

Efficient Washing

For most stair tread applications, efficiency of cleaning the steps is an important factor. The Metalli range of industrial stair treads, are easier to clean that steel grating or FRP products. This is due to the patterns being on a flat surface and the holes being self-draining. This solution overall saves water, labour and the environment.


The Grip-O-Meter is a diagram that rates the range of patterns, from least grippy to most grippy. When it comes to choosing anything, you like to know how it compared to other products out there.

Here at Metalli, we conducted some tests on a range of surfaces to gauge the effectiveness of our industrial stair treads.

Got a project that needs

Industrial Stair Treads?

If you’re after a safe, efficient and reliable hybrid product, then Metalli’s Industrial Stair Treads are exactly what you need!

For more information, please download the brochure below, and we’ll go from there.