Got a project that could include perforated metal? At Metalli, our passion lies in sheetmetal. If you like what you’re seeing, and wanting to find out a bit more, check out the brochures below. There is relevant information included, which is bound to help you gather more insight into the concept. For more information, please reach out. We are waiting to help you.


Perforated Metal Wall Art

Metalli perforated pictures provide freedom of expression allowing any image to be strikingly portrayed in perforated metal with exceptional clarity. Created using varying sized holes, these unique panels can be manufactured to any size and are custom designed to suit project requirements.


Industrial Stair Treads

In choosing an industrial stair tread there are a lot more factors to consider than just cost!
Safety is first & foremost, along with, ease of installation and handling, traction/grip when in use, washing of products & of course the environment. Here at Metalli, we believe we have a hybrid product that satisfies in all of these areas.

Our Clients say

“Perforated Wall Art by Metalli has made our office iconic. It’s completely changed the room and everyone who sees it is captured. We loved the easy process and it certainly transformed our office space.”

John G

“What we found great in working with Nick and the team, was the ability to understand the desired outcome and the finished product is amazing! We use this office area for video calls and the perforated screen is a great back drop and generally most meetings start with the callers asking about the image, they are blown away when we say it is perforated sheet.”

William S
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