Bespoke Perforated Concepts

Using perforated metal will bring ‘wow-factor’ into your project. Perforated metal is versatile, durable, strong and can be used in so many creative ways. What you see below, is just a snapshot of evolving architectural trends.

Perforated Building Façades

Perforate metal building facades, improves the overall performance of the building, due to using versatile, durable, eco-friendly material.

Metalli’s role in this type of application is as the manufacturer rather than design and installation. However, our inhouse folding, punching drawing capabilities allows flexibility in product design.

Metalli works with façade engineers, architects, and builders to produce

We strive on building a relationship on trust so we can continue to work together to create iconic and sustainable building façades.

Perforated Interior Panels

Whether it is the ceiling or the walls, perforated interior paneling creates an open, flowing feeling. Due to the perforated pattern, if light is also involved it beams down through the pattern and expresses and an enchanted atmosphere. The most ideal locations for perforated interior paneling could be effective in a lobby or a hallway, common areas where people pass through.

Perforated Infill Panels

Metalli perforated metal balustrades adds a classy look to balconies and stairwells due to the perforated pattern on display. Instead of a solid or glass solution, adding a metal perforated pattern can deliver style and feature throughout. Similar to other perforated concepts, the perforated pattern allows light and air to flow through and can act a sunscreen to save energy consumption.

Metalli’s role in this concept is to manufacture the infill panels, rather than the balcony design and installation. However, we can offer guidance in design concepts.

Perforated Privacy Screens

Featuring in design and style, Metalli’s perforated metal privacy screens, are an ideal piece to install in an office-type setting. Instead of being divided by solid-coloured screens, these perforated privacy screens allow spaces to have privacy in a striking and flowing way.

Along with most of Metalli’s concepts, the metal privacy screens are custom designed to suit. Regarding size, colour and pattern, those details are up to you, to enhance your style and setting.

Perforated Metal Wall Art

The beauty of our picture perforation concept, is that it can be incorporated in Metalli’s other perforated applications…

Building Facades | Interior Panels | Balustrades | Privacy Screens

This concept is all about perspective. For optimum delivery this impressionable artwork works best featuring in a big space such as an entrance way or lobby – common places where people can view the art from a distance.