Metalli specialises in sheetmetal fabrication and bespoke perforated designs. With 30 years of manufacturing and fabrication knowledge, we believe that incorporating perforated sheetmetal into your project will take it to the next level! We have a growing library of standard perforated patterns that can be used in a wide range of architectural applications – lets chat and start working together today.

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Who We Are

Metalli is the sheet metal division of our parent company Hyway Manufacturing Ltd. Hyway has been manufacturing for 30 years with a heavy focus on aluminium products. During this time, we have been the ‘behind-the-scenes’ manufacturer of components for several renowned NZ companies, enhancing their world class products with our in-house skills and perforated innovations.

While we continue our business relationships with these companies, we have developed wider, unique skills and products that other companies and architects would love to have access to, so we have decided to bring these skills to the market.


What Metalli offers

Here at Metalli we can take care of standard perforated patterns with ease, with our ever-growing library of round, square and slotted punches we are sure to have what you need.

Where Metalli really comes to life is with the more unique challenges that architects create in their job.


What Metalli takes care of

We believe it’s important to be open about what we can and cannot do with the companies we team up. Relationships are built on trust and being able to deliver the goods! We believe Metalli has the smarts to make our partners successful!

We can take your ideas and designs and make them a reality, with in-house CAD capabilities, CNC Turret Punch, Library of tooling, CNC 7 Axis 4.3m press brake, welding and a vetted powder coating partner. Metalli can take care of all this.

Where we don’t get involved, at this point, is the façade design, how it fixes to building and installation.

You design and we fabricate, helping in design where needed using our experience in sheet metal fabrication.

Meet the Team

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James Harrison

technical advisor

Ebony Harrison

Sales + marketing

Leigh Sharland


Gavin Skeats


Mike Cassidy


Jesse Austing


Harinder Singh

CNC Operator Assistant

Ashleigh Fountain

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